300  Esporles

For years, this majestic Mallorcan Finca has surprised its visitors with its beauty, spacious lounges, and large landscaped terraces surrounded by mountains, almonds, and oak trees.

The majestic Mallorcan house Son Togores is a farm located in the municipality of Esporles, about 15 minutes from Palma.

In the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, a world heritage site, this property has a vast area of ​​1,030,000 hectares of almond and carob trees that surround the house.


5 rooms / 3 outdoors spaces:


Salones interiores 120 people
Stately rooms overlook the mountains, decorated with exquisite taste.
180 square meters

Meeting room 140 people
220 square meters

2 interconnected rooms with 20 guests each.
30 square meters each

The royal dining room on the main floor of the house: 30 people
40 square metersS


Front Terraces and gardens: 150 people.
200 square meters
Large garden terrace with a round fountain in the centre. 1.030.000 hectares of almond and carob trees are the setting of this fantastic terrace. The views are lovely.

Entrance terrace: 300 people.
420 square meters
Ample outdoor space for conferences, meetings, exhibitions or any other type of event. Perfect for summer dinners and evening cocktails receptions.

Under the millenary Oak Trees
Outdoor space for workshops, show cooking, and team building activities. There can not be a more memorable celebration than being under the shade of two of the highest and oldest holm oaks of Mallorca.
Around 800 square meters

Between mountains and almonds, fields is a place that combines beauty, style, tradition and functionality. It is a spacious environment where your guests will feel at ease both in its interior rooms and on the different terraces and gardens.

This Majorcan property is ideal for holding all kinds of private events. It also has a renowned talaiot, one of the largest and oldest in Mallorca.

Undoubtedly a venue with incredible natural beauty, privileged views and a unique architectural construction within the collection of farms in Mallorca.