Our gastronomy


Tast Out Events & Catering is governed by seasonality, which is why we rotate our menus with the seasons. We try to use the top local products and the most sustainable ingredients.

We have created different options and menu structures that the client can customise. Along these lines, the proposals to personalise the menus are based on dishes already emblematic of Spanish gastronomy. Our catering and event menus open the possibility of offering new ways of approaching gastronomy, making it more fun, interpreting recipes from tradition.

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Tradition, passion and sustainability in our menus

Our cuisine is inspired by Spanish food but with a personal and modern touch.

We offer you typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy with more contemporary touches, without losing the essence and the Mediterranean seal, 100% Spanish, so valued inside and outside our borders.

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Catering for Wedding in Mallorca and Ibiza

We will be delighted to accompany you and be a crucial part of the most important day of your lives.

From your pre-wedding party, a party for friends, the wedding itself, or the brunch the day after, Tast Out Events & Catering is your best option for everything related to catering for your wedding.

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Catering for Events in Mallorca and Ibiza

We have extensive experience in this type of catering. All of our colleagues on the Event Catering Management and Organization team know very well that organising a conference or big event can be a daunting task, with many people to please and ambitious goals to meet. We seek to help ease your anxiety and make the overall conference planning process more seamless.

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Your Healthy Catering

Were you looking to accommodate dietary restrictions and offer healthier catering options to your guests?

At Tast Out Events & Catering , we can take care of all your guests with a tasty vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu in Mallorca and Ibiza.

Our Tast Out Events & Catering team will provide the ideal healthy catering for your celebrations, wedding, corporate event, meeting, or conference so that everything goes perfectly.

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